We can all confess to being naughty kids, but Frank Bruno’s childhood is crazy enough to write a Hollywood film about. The heavyweight boxer revealed that he took drugs at the age of eight!

Frank has battled substance abuse and depression since he retired 16-years-ago and in a revealing interview the 50-year-old talks about his drug use, problematic childhood and mental health problems.

I was a bit of a bad boy. I got drunk and had my first puff of, I think it was Moroccan, aged eight…. don’t know why I was so angry, I was drawn to certain people and I used to hang around with certain people.

And whilst some people have blamed his drug use for his mental health problems, Frank disagrees saying

I don’t think the drugs had anything to do with my mental health. But they make the saveloy [penis] droop sometimes. Sometimes it’s the other way round like ping, ping ping, [points upwards] but sometimes it’s like [points downwards] and that’s not good for business.