Wondering who this stunner is? Well wonder no more, because we’re about to fill you in.

Nqobilé is a part of the dance group CEO who toured with D’Banj in Africa and America and also appear in his popular Oliver Twist video. But her talents don’t stop at dancing. Last week Nqobilé took some very sexy pics wearing very creative outfits, in what looks like someone’s back garden.

The hair and make-up look fab and we can’t wait to get our curlers, dark eyeshadow and statement lip colours out to try and imitate the great work that hair and make up stylist and arguably the group’s most flexible member, Soliat Blacknificent, did on Nqobilé.

So if you’re looking for a dancer/model to pose half naked in your garden, look no further because she’s staring right at you, but in the meantime check out the rest of the pictures in the gallery below.