Singer Alexandra Burke revealed that Cheryl Cole fails to respond to her texts. Ouch! Cole mentored her during her stint on the X Factor, yet for some reason decided not to keep in touch.

In an interview with the Daily Star Sunday, Burke said:

I haven’t heard anything from Cheryl for over a year and then she tweeted me publicly the other day, which I was really surprised about… I’ve texted her a few times but never heard anything back.

I was surprised to hear from her on Twitter, which was very public. Don’t get me wrong, it was great for her to get in touch and it was a very lovely message, but I would prefer to hear from her more privately and maybe go for a drink and catch up properly.

We can’t help but feel for Burke, having friends in high places is always a nice thing but let’s be honest; text messaging is a little dated. It’s all about tweeting in this day and age. I mean this isn’the most sincere way for Cheryl to reach out, but maybe Alexandra should think about fully embracing new technologies? You know, get with the times?

Burke also revealed that she’s still in contact with Beyonce after their classic duet on the 2008 X Factor final so I guess she shouldn’t really be worried then because lets face it, Beyonce will take her much further in the industry than Cheryl-lipsynching-Cole.