Last night the majority of us were glued to our TV screens as we watched My Murder on BBC3; dramatisation into the death of Shakilus Townsend played by rising talent John Boyega.

Shakilus was murdered in 2008 by a group of youths in Thorton Heath, south London leading to the arrest of six gang members.

Shakilus Townsend was murdered by Danny and his friends in 2008

But what many people don’t know or may have forgotten, is that after the six members were charged, a prison officer was also charged in 2009 after having sex with one of the murders in his cell. Married mother of four, Emma Beard (who was 31 at the time) was jailed for a year after having sex with the then 18-year-old Danny McLean at Feltham Young Offenders Institution. Emma Beard even sent intimate photos and love letters to Danny.

The court heard that Beard performed sex acts on McLean in his cell on two occasions.

Judge Oliver said:

Having heard the evidence, put by the prosecution, I came to the conclusion that I accepted the Crown’s version of events, namely, that you not only willingly sent him letters, but had also willingly sent him the photographs and willingly committed acts of sexual indecency with him.

He told her:

You put the security of yourself and the other officers at the young offenders institution at risk and that is a serious matter.

When another prisoner caught the pair in the cell together, Beard had him moved on a supposed bullying charge.