Dappy has revealed that he disappeared from a recording session with rock legend Brian May for five hours to visit a strip club.

The N-Dubz rapper, who collaborated with Brian on his new track Rockstar, was randomly overcome with the desire to visit a strip club while recording their cover of Queen’s We Will Rock You. He told the Mirror:

I decided out of the blue to just tell my engineer, ‘Stop. Stop, stop. Everyone stop’, I said to them, ‘I’ll be five minutes. I’m going over to get some food’

I just had the urge to go to a strip club. I don’t know… So I went to this club, had a couple of drinks and came back five hours later… Brian expects me to be promoting the record, not going out.

This is the same man who declared that he never intends on cheating on his baby mama again, yet has sudden random urges to go to a strip club?! *side eye* Kaye best put a leash on Dappy!