We weren’t aware that Dappy was such a fan of the outdoors until he recently expressed that he would love to feature on a survival program like those made by renowned adventurer and ex army man Bear Grylls.

The rapper revealed:

There is so much you can do out in fields with space. I’m a jungle man. I like the greenery and the scenery and the wild. I love lakes, fishing, fire, my pops was born in Africa so I’ve got that in me. I’d like to do a Bear Grylls-style show.

Erm, well if you’re Dad was born in Africa that definitely means you’re made for tackling snakes and catching piranhas.

However, Bear doesn’t think it would be such a bad idea and appears to be all in favour of having a member of N Dubz to keep him company on his adventures.

He told The Sun:

Yes, let’s put Dappy in the mix. I’m all about encouraging people to get out there and enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s Dappy or a ten-year-old kid in Liverpool, go for it. Life is there for the taking and adventures are there to be lived off.

Since the Chief Scout is used to climbing mountains and has even drunk his own urine on an episode of his show, how hard could spending a few days with Dappy in the wilderness be?

We would certainly be tuning in if we got to see the No Regrets star doing something like this…

Forget Nandos, fresh zebra straight off the bone anyone?

Would Dappy want to get his MiGi clothing covered in mud?

The modern day Action Man