Since he set foot on British soil, Drake has pretty much become the king of cool and at his O2 concert last night he was swamped by fans dying to take pictures with him.

Now we all know Rihanna is in love with the UK and secretly wishes she was British, but Drake really proved he’s a big fan of Team UK, by taking snaps with some of our urban stars.

Drake was pictured with Princess Nyah, Sneakbo and PR to the celebrities Leon and and before you ask where our pictures with Drake are, we were obviously the ones behind the camera.

London Socialite and PR agent, Leon with Drake

Drake also shouted out Wiley, Sneakbo and pretty much everyone else at the concert; but it seems the Rolex rapper got special treatment as he apparently prayed with Drake before the show!

And it wasn’t only the urban stars who got some Drizzy love, the Y.O.L.O rapper also tweeted his love for British actress Natascha McElhone.

We are so not jealous!