The Apprentice is back tonight and amongst the ambitious candidates this year is a man from Manchester that has a little something extra hidden in his skills set.

Named a ‘have-a-go-hero’ Duane Bryant chased and caught a hit and run driver who had crashed into a mother and her baby.

The 29-year-old witnessed a car fleeing the scene of the crash and the driver abandoning his vehicle and attempting to make a run for it.

Recalling the incident (which happened in May 2011) he said:

I saw a silver car driving on the pavement and thought ‘he could kill someone’. He was really frantic and I thought these two other guys might need some help catching him. Three of us grabbed this guy and held him against a wall. People were really angry with him.

Melanie Loughton and her 13-month-old son Joseph had been lucky to escape. She told the Manchester Advertiser:

I didn’t even have time to react, there was just a big crash and I could feel the air bag come up around my ears. When I looked up I was facing the opposite way, there was steam coming up from the smashed car bonnet and there was a burning smell. My first thought was that the car might set on fire so I rushed round to Joseph and took him out of his car seat.

Melanie was also grateful to the help she received from the witnesses, including Duane:

I just want to thank all the witnesses who helped me and the others who caught the driver. I’m just thankful that the outcome wasn’t a lot worse.

Duane is the founder and director of a drinks distribution company and will be appearing on the show in hopes of going in to business with Lord Sugar. He describes himself as ‘a winner and a fighter’ and if that doesn’t make him stand out from the other candidates then this hero status just might.