Redhead Ed Sheeran has expressed his disappointment at the fact that unlike most pop stars, he doesn’t have ladies throwing their underwear at him on stage while he performs.

We would have expected women to be throwing themselves let alone their underwear at Ed especially since his celebrity status profile has risen this year with two Brits sitting comfortably under his belt, but it looks like this is far from the case. Speaking to the Daily Star he said:

All I get is grown men with my song lyrics tattooed on their arms or their body parts. One guy even had my face tattooed on his arm which was strange. I don’t get women throwing themselves at me or flinging their underwear. Maybe one day.

Poor Ed. While we have to deal with problems such as mortgages and 9 to 5 jobs he has to deal with the harsh reality of receiving no panties on stage. What a tough life. *side eye*