Naomi Campbell has found herself in a sticky situation as her Russian billionaire boyfriend’s estranged wife Ekaterina Vladimir has labeled the supermodel a homewrecker, and is going to cite her as the reason their marriage ended in their current divorce battle.

Speaking on her husband’s (they are still technically married) relationship Ekaterina said:

It’s a ridiculous affair. Vladimir is married to me and we are still a couple. Naomi is deluding herself if she thinks she can take my husband.

Although according to sources close to the couple the only person really deluding themselves is in fact Ekaterina, as she and Vladimir Doronin were separated for 10 years before he started dating Naomi and he was even involved with another woman before falling for the model. A source told the Daily Mail:

Naomi is pleased that Ekaterina has finally agreed to give Vladimir a divorce, but she is upset she is planning on blaming her for the marriage breakdown. She is no homewrecker. The truth is that Vladimir had been separated from her for a very long time when he and Naomi got together.

That awkward moment when you're caught on camera smiling with the woman who you now label a homewrecker

While we can understand that Ekaterina (pictured left) may be jealous of Vladimir and Naomi’s relationship, pointing fingers at the model for the destruction of their marriage which had already dissolved 10 years ago appears to be more of a tactic to get a larger sum of Vladmir’s fortune rather than the actual truth- especially since she was photoed smiling with the couple a few years ago.

Someone’s telling porkies.