After releasing her much anticipated third studio album last week, entitled All Of Me, Estelle has spoken out against the music industry in the UK and says that RnB performers have a tough time being taken seriously.

The Londoner revealed that she moved to the US to pursue her career because she was struggling to succeed as an RnB artist at home.

She told the Associated Press:

It’s so f**king hard for British artists to be taken seriously as R&B artists… It’s frustrating. I get a lot of [people saying], ‘Yo Estelle, I can’t sing RnB and be out here and make money. This is crazy’. And I’m looking at them like, ‘I know. That’s why I’m not there doing it’.

She also claimed that British RnB singers find it more difficult to make it because they aren’t American, yet that doesn’t stop them knowing what true RnB music is:

The kids in the (U.K.) hood still know what RnB music is. They still know what real (RnB) is.

Ever since her Stateside move, Estelle has gone from strength to strength and worked with artists such as Kanye West and Rick Ross. Her new album boasts a number of big names too, for example Trey Songz, Chris Brown and Janelle Monae, so we would have to agree that in this case the 32-year-old definitely made the right choice by swapping the UK for the US.