With Drake’s Club Paradise tour about to kick off in London at the end of this month we noticed that he had a few links with the UK already, which don’t just include touring here.

Here are some ‘Drake and the UK’ facts we found out that we thought we would share with you:

 1. He is a big Craig David fan

We cant remember how many times we played Born To Do It when it first came out (in fact we still play it now) and apparently the album also won over Drake, who claims he was a huge fan of Craig David when he was younger.

He told RWD magazine back in 2010:

 I used to love Craig David too, when I was in high school. I mean I still do.

As all the hardcore Drizzy fans should know, he mentions Craig on his track Closer (from the mixtape Comeback Season), saying:

 On my Craig David sh*t, the Artful Dodger.

Craig later commented on Drake’s style of singing and rapping to MTV’s The Wrap Up and said that he saw similarities between himself and the Canadian star in terms of how they made music:

 When you can rap and sing well people just listen, people are engaged… When you have someone like him [Drake], it reminds me of myself because I can write a hot 16 if I wanted but then I can sing a sick melody on top and this is something I’m not supposed to be able to do.

 2. He is good friends with Shola Ama

As well as Craig David, Drake also mentions Shola Ama on Closer saying:

 Shola Ama, I told her I’ma
’bout to get my run on so hold the commas.

We’re not sure how close the pair were, but the Take Care star met up with Shola on a trip to London before and even follows her on Twitter. He told RWD magazine:

 She’s like a good friend of mine. I talk about her on Comeback Season. I used to be a big fan of her…

Considering the 32-year-old singer is seven years his senior, perhaps they were just innocent ‘good friends’.

 3. He has written a song for Rita Ora

Drake has written a number of songs for other artists, including Diddy /Dirty Money and Jamie Foxx and now he can add our very own Rita Ora to that list. In 2010 the song  I’m Ready For You  (written by Drizzy) found its way on to the Internet but there was speculation regarding who it was written for.

Although Drake was heard singing the track, it wasn’t clear who would end up recording the finished version until this month when it was released by Rita under the song title RIP and featuring Tinie Tempah.

 4. He wants to collaborate with Mike Skinner and Florence and the Machine

Not one to shy away from other genres of music, Drake has expressed the desire to work with Mike Skinner from The Streets and Florence.

Speaking to the The Daily Star a couple of years ago he revealed how much he admired The Streets’ frontman:

 Now I’m working with Jamie from the XX, but my favourites are The Streets. I used to listen to The Streets all the time, that was my ‘go to’ rap guy. I want him to step into my world.

Even though Skinner told The Guardian that Drake was his favourite MC in 2011, with him now in retirement after releasing the group’s last album that same year we don’t think this collaboration looks too likely.

Nevertheless, Drizzy might have more success making music with Florence as he has already spoken about them working together in the studio.

He told Radio 1 that he had spent some time with her in London while he was touring in the UK last year:

Me and Flo met the night after the VMAs, she came to the studio and we just clicked right away… We were all just wasted. It was this weird hippie joyous occasion.

But on any other evening me and Florence can get in the studio and do something incredible and we will. We listened to all her new music and I picked which song I really want to get on.

Although Florence and The Machine have covered Drake’s latest track with Rihanna (Take Care), we are still waiting to hear which song the rapper really wanted to collaborate with Flo on.

 5. His eyebrow twin lives here (aka Yungen)

Sorry, but we couldn’t help ourselves. Ever since Krept and Konan brought Yungen’s eyebrows to our attention with their teasing on Twitter, we noticed an uncanny resemblance to Drake’s. Since he is also no stranger to jokes about his bushy brows, we think it’s only fair to dub them eyebrow twins (and how much does that picture look like Drake from the side?!).

So there you have it, Pappzd’s five links between Aubrey Drake Graham and the United Kingdom.