Georgia Salpa has revealed that she has a stalker who has been prank calling her and sending her nasty messages on Twitter and Facebook. The Kim Kardashian carbon copy was forced to go to the police, who are now trying to find out who is behind the calls and messages.

Georgia confessed:

It’s all very weird and quite freaky. It started with constant crank calls and then they started tweeting me, I think they are the same guys. Then I was getting calls to my apartment which was really freaky, I never imagined they’d know where I live. I’ve been on to the police about it, they have the numbers and are looking into it. I don’t know who the guys are but it’s freaking me out.

The model was pushed to breaking point last Friday when the stalker repeatedly called her apartment, taking her frustration out on Twitter.

She made a joke out of the situation by adding a link to Kanye West’s Gold Digger, but friends say the whole incident has really got to Georgia:

It’s very unsettling for her. The whole fame thing has reached a new level since Celebrity Big Brother and most of it has been amazing and Georgia’s loving it. But this is a side that she wasn’t expecting and to think someone could find out not only your mobile number but also where you live is a bit frightening.

Let’s hope that the police find Salpa’s stalkers, because unfortunately it looks like she won’t have Tinie Tempah staying around at her house to protect her.