The Government have had yet another bright idea (pun intended) by creating street lights, known as Acne Lights, that will make unfortunate teenagers blemishes  appear clearer at night.

The Acne Lights will give off a pink glow to exaggerate any spots or blemishes on peoples faces and are to be used as a new crime fighting invention by councils hoping to deter young ‘yobs’ off the streets. The lights are to be set up in an area of Cardiff blighted by anti-social behaviour.

Neil McEvoy who represents the Fairwater district said:

It would be very much for areas of anti-social behaviour and where younger people tend to congregate… I know when I was that age I would have been put off if blemishes on my face were shown up — I am pleased that the police are being proactive.

Um. *blank stare* is it wrong of us to think that the idea of using lights to lower crime is some what ridiculous? If these Acne Lights really do put a decline to anti-social behaviour we’ll eat our hats!