The London riots may be a distant memory to some of us, but the after effects are still present all around us. Do you remember the woman who shot to fame after footage of her berating young rioters last summer went viral?

Well Pauline Pearce, 46, dubbed the ‘Heroine of Hackney’ will be standing as a Liberal Democrat candidate for the Hackney Central ward after being approached by the party.

Last summer she told looters they made her feel ashamed to be from the area, in east London and told the youngsters to stop:

Because we’re not gathering for a cause – we’re running down Footlocker and thieving shoes.

I think it was actually “teefing” but you get the gist. The video got more than one million views on YouTube and she was even given a platform at the Conservative Party Conference.

A by-election is due to take place on May 3 after Labour councillor Alan Laing resigned to move to Scotland.

Pearce told the BBC:

I really want the chance to use my experience to make a real difference for people of our communities.

Well this certainly is good news, and we can’t wait to hear some of her speeches, especially the angry ones.