With great power comes great responsibility and Jamal Edwards definitely knows how to make the most of his power by asking girls to send in pictures of their bums for a ‘new project’ called Serious Booty TV.

On Tuesday the entrepreneur tweeted:

While most of us were busy shaking our heads and laughing at the thought of such a project, Jamal’s mentions overflowed with thirsty eager girls willing to show off their assets.

He even told his followers to include #SeriousBooty in their tweets so that he could re-tweet the best pictures:

We do however commend his creativity on taking the letters from SB.TV and making them stand for Serious Booty. Very clever of you Jamal.

But is this actually a serious business venture? According to this tweet it was just a bit of ‘serious banter’.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Jamal did launch Serious Booty TV but we suggest the 21-year-old finds some better looking bootys before he does, because we have to admit we weren’t that impressed with the ones we saw earlier.