Years of fortune and fame can get too much for celebs and before you know it they’re all craving for the simple life. And It seems like four years of being in the spotlight has gotten too much for JLS member JB Gills, as the 26-year-old singer has gone and bought himself a tractor. Yes a Tractor.

The singer described his new John Deere tractor as one of his ‘favourite buys’ and will proudly park it next to his Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG at his home in Kent, a home which he wants to turn into a farm. He told the Sun:

The farm is a business investment as well as a hobby. I love the outdoors, it gets me away from the city and the mayhem that comes from being in a band… I want pigs, cows, chickens, sheep — the lot. I’m going to be a proper farmer.

Erm… Pigs and chickens? Do i see a middle life crises coming early?