So apparently insurance doesn’t cover screaming, naked girls chasing you down in hotels while you’re on tour, as JLS have discovered this week.

The boys kicked off their 4th Dimension tour in Liverpool on Wednesday and have had to change their accommodation plans after being told by their insurers to stay outside of a ‘5 mile radius’ from the venues they’re performing at, in order to avoid their crazy stalkers over excited fans.

The reason for this ban is due to the thousands of pounds worth of damages insurers were forced to pay last year after antics such as fans letting off fire extinguishers in their hotels and trying to get on their tour bus. Not to mention the increase there would have to be in security costs.

A source told the Daily Mirror:

The boys are used to being chased around by screaming teenage girls but when it came to booking hotels for the tour, security costs would have doubled to prevent similar occurrences to last year.

One girl broke on to their bus with ‘Happy Birthday Oritse!’ written on her naked torso and another climbed over Aston’s balcony into his bedroom. It was decided security needed to be stepped up a gear to ensure the boys remain safe.

We doubt the boys mind getting all this attention, but nevertheless, they have made the sensible (and cheaper) choice and gone with staying in hotels outside of the town centre.

If fans knew they were staying out of town, the insurance were happier to fork out on potential mishaps if their location was found out. Every security breach costs an arm and a leg in drafting in more support and repairing any damage. The last bill was astronomical.

Looks like the fans will have to search extra hard to creep up on the boys this year.