Jonathan Barnes was mistakenly shot by his friend Daniel Tesfay

A 20-year-old man was accidently shot in the head by his friend, in an attempted robbery that went horribly wrong.

Daniel Tesfay and Jonathan Barnes agreed to buy  Rolex watches for £6,500 from seller Jordaan Williams, but when they arrived at the house Tesfay produced a gun, threatened Williams and tried to make off with the watches.

Roger Smart, prosecuting told the court how Mr Williams grabbed Mr Barnes as the men tried to flee and Tesfay threatened him, Smart went on to say

Jordaan Williams again grabbed hold of Jonathan Barnes and on this occasion Daniel Tesfay then shot at him, but missed and instead shot and killed his fellow robber

Barnes was taken to hospital, but died two days later and the watches were revealed to be fakes.

Tesfay denied murdering Barnes, of Lewisham, south London.

The trial continues.