We don’t actually mean that Kanye is stealing fashion tips from the East End serial killer, but Mr. West did go on a Jack the Ripper tour last week and revealed to fellow tourists that he was hoping it would give him some inspiration for his new DW clothing label.

As we know, Kanye has moved to London to try and make it as a serious designer and seems to be making the most of his new environment, by acting like a true tourist and taking in all the sights. All for fashion of course.

A source told The Sun:

He told the other daytrippers he is immersing himself in the history of the East End to get inspiration for his fashion range.

The £15 tour retraces the footsteps of Jack the Ripper and takes you around London’s Whitechapel, showing you where the murders took place. It must have given the rapper a few ideas as he apparently headed straight to his studio in Clerkenwell afterwards.
We can’t wait to see Kanye’s new collection.