It’s rumoured that Tweet Beef ambassador Kaye Vassell is planning on setting up her very own modelling agency. Now, considering that Kaye is the kind of person who is likely to do juju on a woman who’s within a one metre radius of her on-off boyfriend and former N-Dubz frontman Dappy, we’re pretty much in shock that she wants to start a business where she will surrounded by half naked video girls knowing about that wandering eye that Dappy just can’t tame.

A source said that Mr. Monogamy himself is apparently funding the business venture:

Kaye has always insisted she selects the women who appear in Dappy’s videos… He was sick of it and said she would be better off  setting up her own agency… He has put up the money to start the business, which will supply models for video shoots like his.

If this plan does follow through Kaye will be bringing a whole new meaning to the term bosses from hell.