French footballer and Tottenham striker Louis Saha has admitted that a number of players are sex addicts, but the rise in ‘kiss and tell’ stories has left them feeling paranoid about who they bed and they are therefore resorting to female escorts instead.

Although the 33-year-old is married he still revealed that sex, bling, and flashy cars are very much a part of the British football scene, which became apparent when he interviewed various players for his recent autobiography.

He told The Sun:

Let’s be honest, women are the biggest temptation. For a young player they can even be an Achilles heel. A player can be conned by a woman who goes to sell her story.

I’ve seen some lads become very destabilised as a result. When that happens you just need to think about the situation for half a second and you end up playing a bad game for your club. So it is hard to trust anybody, and players become paranoid about women.

A moment of silence for the paranoid footballer that lives in fear of a women selling a story about him and his bedroom antics *rolls eyes*.

Saha did however point out to French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche that not all footballers are the same, and some are actually faithful.

Nevertheless footballers such as Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, John Terry and Mario Balotelli (to name a few) have all given in to their ‘sex addictions’. No surprise there.