MC Ultra aka Justin Edwards appeared before a high court today claiming that it was Tulisa’s idea to film the video which shows the 23-year-old engaged in, what she has referred to as an ‘intimate moment’, with the wannabe MC.

Edwards denied the claims that he leaked the tape to London’s high court saying it would have been ‘ungentlemanly’ and he had been ‘brought up better than that’.

Tulisa is planning on suing Edwards over breach of privacy, hoping to seek damages for up to £10k and if she isn’t successful in robbing Edwards for all he probably has, she can sleep well knowing that the judge has ruled that an order banning the publication of the footage continues.

Luckily for Edwards Tulisa wasn’t present in court to give him evils, but judging by the number of security guards he was surrounded by, we reckon his life is going to get pretty complicated from now on.