After Tulisa Contostavlos admitted that it was indeed her who featured in the “alleged” sex tape pretty much everybody gained respect for her, for coming out clean about getting dirty. Well, almost everybody.

Tulisa’s stepmother Melanie Vondrau has said that she is disappointed in Tulisa and that she has ‘no respect for herself.’ Ouch. Speaking to The People she said:

I’m appalled… The fact that she would even allow a tape like this just shows she doesn’t respect herself. A young girl who respects herself would choose her partner very wisely. She is clearly not making the right choices.

But Melanie didn’t stop there, she then went on to fire verbal shots at Tulisa’s biological parents.

She needs strong loving parental guidance. Unfortunately for Tulisa her mum is not very well and she has got a father who is a distant character.

Melanie grew close to Tulisa after her real mum Ann had a breakdown when she was 11-years-old, but she fears her stepdaughter will struggle to come back from the tape and have a successful career.

I know chances are Tulisa is the victim. But she needs to stop being so careless with herself and her career.

Well rest assured mummy dearest, Tulisa has the full backing of the almighty powerful Simon Cowell so her career isn’t going to be sucked dry (no pun intended) and won’t end in a premature climax (ok we’ll stop now).