In an article for the Mail Online, yo-yo dieter Mica Paris shared her thoughts on the differences between white and black women’s ideas of their own body image and her opinion on skinny women.

Mica’s findings included some interesting  facts including the fact that  black women are inherently happier in their own skin than white women.

But Mica also added in her own somewhat stereotypical view saying:

Caribbean men love curvaceous women… You won’t find any man in Jamaica — where my family come from — casting appreciative glances at a skinny female. In my culture, women have hour-glass figures, generous bosoms and wide hips.

These sweeping statements can be viewed as over generalising. Jamaica is a big place, and the men there have as diverse a range of taste in women as the men in the UK do. She went on to say:

Flat chests, skinny midriffs and size zero are boyish; women with those characteristics don’t get a second glance. Look around, and you won’t see many skinny black women. We’re likely to be built generously and we’re not ashamed to celebrate our curves.

Umm Mica, ‘skinny black women’ are all around us! The irony about all of this is that this is the same woman who walks around advertising XLS Medical Fat Binder weight loss aid. Mica continued by saying:

Thankfully, I don’t know any black women who aspire to be skeletal, and even if we did, nature decrees that we shouldn’t be. We’re made with breasts, bottoms and well-developed quads. As the American survey found, we do not aspire to unfeasible skinniness when we lose weight. Instead we look to emulate Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson and Michelle Obama, all of whom are muscular and curvy.

As far as “nature decreeing” that black women shouldn’t be skeletal, we are not sure anyone was made to be skeletal, white, black or any other race for that matter. And newsflash- have you seen Jennifer Hudson of late? We think these brash statements do nothing to help stereotypes that are perpetrated in the media about black women, it’s 2012, surely we can all choose whatever body shape we want to be?

And we don’t think Mica Paris should be allowed to speak for the whole of the black female race EVER again.