It looks like 2012 is indeed the year for glamour model Carmel Candy as she is set to grace the pages of popular American urban men’s magazine King Magazine.

She is one of the few UK models,along with model Elisha Jade, to ever feature and if you’re an avid collector of men’s magazines (don’t worry we’re not judging you) then you know that King is one of the most prestigious urban men’s magazines out there. Speaking to Pappzd, Carmel said:

I’m really excited to see my feature in King Magazine because a year ago I told my friend that I want be in that magazine, and now I am. It just shows that I can do any thing if I put my heart to it!

Or in this case bum. The 25-year-old will also be appearing in another popular American magazine, SHOW magazine, and gave us a sneak peek of her photoshoot in LA earlier on this year.

We can’t wait for the magazine to come out, and if the above photo is anything to go buy we’ll buying quite a few copies.