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Mz. Bratt made her debut performance on SB.TV today with an F64 (a SB.TV show in which artists rap a freestyle over 64 musical bars to demonstrate their lyrical ability) and whilst she has been getting many praises for her lyrical talent and flow, something else that sticks out is her possible reference to Play Dirty rapper Yungen.

In the F64 she says:

I met a yungen but he only plays dirty.

Adding fuel to the fire about the rumours that they are dating. We reported a while ago that Yungen went to support  ‘his babe’ at a performance, however it was unclear as to which of the ladies in the line up he was referring to- though many did speculate it was Mz. Bratt as he states in his Stay Schemin rendition that his ‘new chick’s got a blue tick.’ A possible reference to Mz. Bratt’s verified Twitter account.

Until we get our hands on some Jay-Z and Beyonce style lovey dovey pictures of the two, we’ll keep speculating. But we just want to know-are they or aren’t they?