After south London rapper Young O told Pappzd about some of the crazy things his fans do (including sending home made porn) we thought we’d heard the worst of the worst. However, it turns out that some of his fans go overboard with their love for the Never Back Down artist.

It has been revealed that earlier this year model Nicola Young came under the wrath of his fans when her and Young O were jokingly flirting on Twitter, which lead to her receiving death threats. She told Pappzd

We’d been talking for a while and became good friends and I had given him a shout out on a couple of my modelling sites. He [Young O]  then responded by giving me a shout out back and we’d been flirting back and forth on Twitter and having a bit of banter. Obviously my surname is Young so we’d had an inside joke that I was ‘Mrs Young’ and it had been mentioned a few times in tweets.

It must’ve come across as more than it was supposed to, because all of Young O’s fans then thought we were together… I started getting all sorts of tweets from his fans, some nice, some not so nice… Some fans had messaged me just telling me that I shouldn’t be with him, but other extreme fans said to stay away from him or they’d kill me.

She goes on to say:

 At first we werent taking it seriously but after hours of abuse and endless messages Young O realised it was getting out of hand ans told his fans that they were taking it too far and to back off.

Eventually his fans did stop abusing Nicola and some even sent her messages of support. We understand that fans do love thier favourite celebrities, but sending death threats? You’ve offically crossed over from fan to stan (stalker-fan) level.

Check out some pics of the model below, perhaps Young O’s fans were threatened because she’s drop dead gorgeous too.