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Plan B has decided to send a strong message in his latest music video for his single ill Manors by using footage from the London riots that took place in August 2011.

The powerful visual uses clips from news coverage of the riots and even the infamous moment when John Prescott was egged. It also includes controversial lyrics such as:

Keep on believing what you read in the papers, council estate kids, scum of the earth.

The 28-year-old explained his reason for making such a video in a statement on his official website. He says that he was upset by what happened during the riots (which he also made clear last year when he released an audio clip on his site) and feels this issue still hasn’t been properly addressed:

I feel it has been swept under the carpet and forgotten about… The point being made in my song ill Manors is that society needs to take some responsibility for the cause of these riots. Why are there so many kids in this country that don’t feel they have a future, or care about having a criminal record?

Plan B goes on to say that he feels there is a prejudice towards Britain’s underclass, which alienates kids that come from this background and is something he experienced himself when growing up:

These kids are ridiculed in the press as they aren’t as educated as others, because they talk and dress in a certain way, but they’re not as stupid as people think… They don’t care about society because society has made it very clear that it doesn’t care about them.

He also believes that the word Chav is a ‘derogatory phrase’ and is ‘offensive and politically incorrect’. Overall the video raises some important points and is a reminder that the riots and the reasons behind them should not be forgotten so easily.