Despite being a Brit Award winner and a successful rapper, actor and director Plan B will never forget his roots, and the London Riots last summer have really stirred him into action. As if his controversial music video wasn’t enough, he is currently working hard on a ‘hip hop musical’ called iLL Manors and said:

I’ll never forget where I come from. I could have been one of those kids on the streets last summer… Nothing has changed since then. What’s to stop it happening again? I want my music and movie to help kids like me, who have been forgotten about and laughed at. I know it has that power.

Plan B has been working hard to get the film released so that the youth’s voices can be heard. The film is shot on the same East End estate where the rapper was raised, and the flick is heavily inspired by the London riots and features real footage of the torching of the capital.

The Sun published this behind the scenes peek of the film:

Despite being angry about the riots, Plan B doesn’t blame youths for rioting saying:

Society doesn’t give a f*** about them. They were showing they don’t give a f*** about society. But I know their opinion can be changed.

Sounds like a man with a plan, he’ll be running for London mayor next!