Gis' us a kiss Tyler

Since Odd Future appeared onto the music scene, everyone including my grandmother, has wanted a piece of them. And controverisal rapper Plan B is hoping to catch their attention by publicy declaring his love for the wacky American rappers.

Odd Future

In an interview with NME, Plan B, real name Ben Drew, explained his love for the alternative rap group saying

 I love Odd Future, I love Tyler, The Creator, I love the lyrics of Earl Sweastshirt, as a young man, I’m still waiting to see what he drops… I’d be honoured if they looked at me in that way and thought that I was someone they’d wanna work with. So of course I would, but I doubt that will happen, you know.

Aww have some faith in yourself Plan B and just do what everybody else does to get their attention, tweet them constantly!

But could you imagine an OFWGKTA remix of  iLL Manors? Yep…very bizarre. We’re having heart palpitations just thinking about it.