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Rapper Political Peak showed us just why the UK is still miles behind the US when it comes to music videos by recruiting what looks like low budget Barbie meets yardie looking girls for his new video Sex in a Car.

The South London rapper has released behind the scenes footage (with the official video being aired on Channel AKA this Tuesday),and although we’re loving the song, the girls look like victims of a Tim Westwood shambles rave.


Political Peak Video Girls

We are not impressed with the untamed weave (someone tell us they at least budgeted for a hairbrush?), over exaggerated fake eyelashes (we bet if they blink fast enough they’ll be able to fly) and general lack of glamour.

Political Peak seems to have spent all the video budget on those rental cars and not left enough money to hire some proper models like Elisha Jade or Carmel Candy and had to settle for recession video girls. Shame.

Check out the complete behind the scenes footage in the video above.