Celebrities love showing off their bodies at any opportunity, and this particular celeb is no different. Can you guess who it is? Have a guess and we’ll give you some clues.

She’s a triple threat actress, model and producer. She was the first European girl to shoot a spread with American urban men’s magazine SHOW magazine and last year starred in Adam Deacon’s Anuvahood. She is currently rumoured to be dating a UK rapper.

Have you guessed who it is yet? Scroll down for the answer.




Our survey said: Portia Freno.

The actress tweeted the photo with the intention of showing off her stomach, but we know what everyones really paying attention to.  It looks like she’s hell bent on proving to the world that her breasts are the farthest thing from floppy after her nipple slip pics were heavily crticised.

Well Portia, you’re doing a good job!