An unlikely bond of Prince Harry and Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt was made during the Prince’s ten day Diamond Jubilee tour of the Caribbean this week. The pair met at the Uwi Mona athletic stadium in Kingston, Jamaica and as soon as all the standard royal airs and graces were over with, Harry wasted no time to challenge the five time record breaking athlete to a 20 metre dash race.

Obviously Harry knew he wasn’t going to outrun the fastest man in the world and decided to jump the gun to aid his win, leaving Usain laughing and demanding a rematch at the London 2012 Olympics. He told the Daily Mail:

Yeah, man, he cheated. He knew he couldn’t beat me but wanted to go back to London saying he did. I’ve told him I want a rematch at London 2012 but Harry said ‘I’m busy’….  He is very down to earth and charming. It was an honour and a pleasure to meet him. He is a really laid back guy, a wonderful person. He is professional but no like a lot of the dignitaries you meet.

You might have to work on that pose though Harry.