It’s no secret that Rihanna loves the UK and she has even revealed that she has a crush or two on a couple of English artists. But before you start linking her to all the eligible bachelors in the industry that you can name, it is in fact Cheryl Cole and Adele that have caught Ri-Ri’s attention.

The Bajan freak  popstar admitted that she was a fan of Adele during her appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, but we are more concerned with the fact that her and Cheryl Cole have struck up such an unlikely friendship after meeting at the 2011 Brit Awards.

Cheryl has made it clear that Rihanna is her girl crush and it seems the feeling is mutual. On Thursday the Cake star tweeted:

The Geordie singer then replied:


Considering the pair have only met a couple of times, perhaps they should take this ‘friendship’ to the next level and stop confessing their love over Twitter and actually hang out.

Someone please get these two a room.