We are convinced that Rihanna will befriend anyone in the UK since she seems to visit so much, and her latest BFF appears to be Kate Moss.

Despite the fact that Kate is 14 years her senior, Ri-Ri has invited the model to join her entourage at Wireless Festival in London this July and accompany her on a night out afterwards.

The pair first hit it off during Stella McCartney’s show at London Fashion Week last month and have even spent the night partying together in Rihanna’s hotel room.

It looks like the intimate hotel room party (which also included Fazer from N-Dubz) was such a laugh that Rihanna has recruited Kate to be her new sidekick while she’s being reckless  enjoying London’s nightlife.

A source told The Sun:

She thinks Kate is great fun so has invited her to see her play and party afterwards.

As they’re both notorious party animals we can only imagine what these two will be getting up to, but we can’t help but wonder why Rihanna doesn’t find some London friends that are a bit closer to her own age.