Rita Ora has some serious explaining to do.

The British blonde bombshell was caught in the middle of a scuffle involving the male Kardashian (brother of the klan Rob) and a paparazzo he chased down the streets of Miami on Sunday morning, just before getting arrested.

Before the wild goose chase Rob and Rita were caught on film having a heated argument, with Rita shouting “No you listen to me! You listen to me!” and at times pushing Rob and forcefully poking his chest.

After realising that they were being filmed, Rob chased the pap into a shop and was later arrested by police who witnessed the chase take place. Rob insisted it was just a joke, and after explaining to police that it was all a misunderstanding he was released.

TMZ, who released the footage, had no idea who the Roc star was and identified her only as a ‘super hot female’ in their write-up but we here at Pappzd HQ all jumped up and shouted “Rita!”

Rita Ora has continously denied any romantic links with Rob Kardashian but after lots of Twitter flirting, him flying in to see her at a London show, them getting caught heading to the same hotel and now a video of what appears to be a lovers feud there is no denying that some headboard action is taking place somewhere.