We know that being signed to Roc Nation must have its advantages, one of the biggest of course being Jay-Z overseeing your career. Not only is he a hip-hop superstar himself, he has also helped artists such as Rihanna and J. Cole gain worldwide success and to top it all, he is married to the queen of the world  Beyoncé.

Speaking to GQ, Rita Ora has revealed that Jay and Bey have been a huge support for her on her way up the musical ladder.

Jay-Z’s a great mentor, and so is Beyonce. There’s not a lot of people on Roc Nation so the few that are genuinely get time spent on their project.

And she even gets to hang out with Blue Ivy!

It’s like a family, well especially now with Blue Ivy – although she just chills: eats, sleeps, wakes up, eats, sleeps. Jay-Z taught me a lot about patience as an artist. I was itching. When I was 18 I thought it was all going to happen so quickly – I just thought next week I’d be on Oprah!

What we would give to have Jay-Z and Beyoncé in our lives at all, we are definitely jealous of Rita right now.