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Jessie J might want to keep a closer eye on her alleged boyfriend Tinie Tempah, that’s of course unless she doesn’t mind Roc Nation’s newest It Girl Rita Ora flirting with him.

Tinie and Rita were filmed backstage on the set of her R.I.P music video which features the south east London rapper and Rita seemed to be in awe of Tinie and his “amazing jaw structure.”

Now we all saw that video of Rita and her ‘boyfriend’ Rob Kardashian in a heated argument at the start of the week so if she’s trying to make him jealous, we give her an ‘A’ for effort.

In the footage Rita can’t help complimenting Tinie again and again even putting on the ‘I’m a princess waiting for my night in shining armour’ look before a bit of erotic asphyxiation takes place.

And even though it was all fun and games, we cant help but notice how good they look together.

Watch the video above from 2.40 to see Rita get her flirt on.