Victoria Osoteku

19-year-old Victoria Osoteku was convicted on Wednesday of  manslaughter and conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm to 15-year-old GCSE student Sofyen Belamouadden, who was killed by a group of 20 teenagers in March 2010, that were allegedly instigated by a then 18-year-old Osoteku.

Although she never actually met Sofyen before the attack, Peckham born Victoria or ‘Missy Maffia’ as she liked to be called on social networking sites, left school during her lunch hour to buy a set of knives from Argos which were used to stab Sofyen at Victoria Station, London.

Other weapons that were used in the attack (that began as a feud between the two students from rival schools on Facebook) included a samurai sword, metal bars, flick knives and extendable batons.

Victim, Sofyen Belamouadden

CCTV footage showed that Osoteku kicked Sofyen in the head when he’d collapsed after being stabbed nine times in the lungs, though Osoteku denied this claim and told The Old Bailey that she had ‘nudged’ him with her foot to check if he was still alive. She then broke down in court and claimed that she tried to prevent the attack from happening.

 QC Mark Heywood said,

 Victoria Osoteku was one of those who set up and organised the confrontation that led to the death… Her responsibility for the death is very great indeed, even though it was others that delivered the final fatal blows that led to Sofyen Belamouadden’s death.

Osoteku will be sentenced at a later date along with others who took part in the fatal attack.