‘Did they? Didn’t they?’ These were the questions on everybody’s lips when rumours claiming that singer Cheryl Cole had a brief fling with ex So Solid crew member MC Harvey surfaced. But recent reports say that the Geordie singer is going to sue Now magazine’s publishers for reporting the story and will be seeking aggravated damages for libel.

Harvey was adamant that the romance did happen and even threatened the 28-year-old singer on Twitter that he’d show the alleged emails she had sent him. And like the gentleman he is, Harvey swore that he’d ‘Rather go broke and work in Sainsburys’ then talk about Cheryl’s personal life, to then go back on his claims six days later, revealing that the pair didn’t have a sexual relationship but had shared a ‘communication relationship’. How very Sweet.

Let’s hope MC Harvey has managed get rid of all that egg on his face by the time the court case begins.