A video alleging to show popular British rapper Shystie apparently involved in a drugs transaction with some unidentified men has just hit the net.

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“Is that the ting?”

In the secretly filmed mobile phone video, a young woman can clearly be seen counting what she calls ‘bundles’ of money given to her in an envelope after handing over a bag to somebody whose voice is the main one heard speaking in the shocking film.

Sources told Pappzd Magazine that the footage was taken at a studio in Tottenham, north London, earlier this month and that the woman in the video is rapper Shystie. Other sources have alleged the man seated next to her to be the manager of British rapper Shystie.

At the start of the clip the young woman is asked “is that the ting, yeah?” to which she replies affirmatively saying, “I picked it up” before pulling out a bag. The woman then asks “is that enough?” to which the man responds, “that’s the shit… that’s looking proper.”

The woman also boasts, “The last thing that I got, it just went.”

“Are you filming?”

None of the people in the video appear to be aware that they are being filmed until the very end of the clip when the woman looks up towards the person capturing the footage and asks, “are you filming?” The footage then stops abruptly.

A source who used to work with the Hackney based rap star said he saw her engaged in numerous ‘dodgy deals’ during his employment

On several occasions I saw her doing dodgy deals with her production team, but I was never sure what she was selling. But on one occasion when they were together I filmed them doing a transaction. I didn’t see what was in the bag, but she was paid a lot of money and the suggestion from the guy who was buying was that it was some kind of drug as you can hear in the video.

They kept saying it’s called GD1, I don’t know what the hell that is…. This all happened within the studio.

As Pappzd Magazine was not in the room during the events we cannot confirm or deny what exactly took place or what was contained in the bags bought and sold.

This is the news as we received it and backed up by substantive checks. However, if true the rapper may soon find herself sat behind bars, rather than on them.