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East London’s Tempa T is by far one of the most in your face, I do what I want MC’s so we can’t say we were surprised when we heard he was running for Mayor of London this year- yes you heard right, running for Mayor of London.

Tempa T has already begun his campaign by addressing the issue of expensive house prices. In his first campaign video he heads out to north London’s Bishop’s Lane (aka Billionaire’s Row) asking why some houses on the famous lane cost millions of pounds and says

London house prices need to be afordable for the common man… How can London be great if we can’t afford a place to stay?

Although Tempa T’s intentions are good and we do think he raises valid point, we think it’s going to take a lot more than running up and down the streets of London shouting and pulling your hair to get a majority vote.

Watch the video above to decided whether or not you’ll vote for him.