Tiger Tiger Croydon are allegedly considering legal action against DJ RSI as he claimed he was sacked because there were “too many black people” in the room he was DJing in.

After tweeting that he had been sacked, hundreds of people rose to support the DJ, real name Ricky Simmonds, some aiming to boycott the club and others sharing their experiences of racism at the venue.

We wrote about DJ RSI’s story as it broke last week, and today we are hearing the other side of the story. According to This is Croydon Today, the popular club revealed that they axed the DJ after he repeatedly ignored warnings to “tone down” the music he was playing.

Responding to the company on Twitter, Mr Simmonds said:

I haven’t made any allegations just repeated what was said and expressed my views on the matter.I worked for the promoters Rough Hill and adhered to the music policy 100%.

And a spokeswoman for Tiger Tiger said:

DJ RSI, who has made these unfounded allegations, was repeatedly requested by the venue manager, over a number of weeks, to tone down the music he was playing as customers complained that it created an intimidating atmosphere. He ignored these requests and consequently was not following our commercial R&B music policy, which is why he will no longer be playing at Tiger Tiger Croydon.