If there were anyone we wouldn’t want to be right now it would be Tulisa. Her recent sex tape scandal saw a number of public taunts from celebrities and fans alike and it appears that it all got a bit too much for her as she left Drake’s after party early because she thought people were laughing at her.

A source said

Tulisa was really looking forward to escaping all the embarrassment of the past week with a good night out. She knew the JLS boys were going to be there but felt really awkward when she walked in because she presumed the lads had seen the tape. Tulisa and her pals hardly spoke to JLS throughout the gig. It was a really uncomfortable atmosphere because she is so embarrassed about the tape

Isn’t this the same Tulisa who calls herself the female boss? I mean we know it’s pretty awkward walking into a room, aware that everyone has seen your ‘talents’ or lack of, but you’ve got to man up.

We just hope she gets over her embarrassment before she returns to the X Factor because someone will mention it, or sing about it and maybe even bring a picture.