Well it seems the Tulisa Sex Tape drama just keeps pounding and pounding. And just when we thought there wouldn’t be a climax to the story any time soon, the whole thing just got a whole new thrust!

Tulisa and MC Ultra in happier times

It’s just been revealed that the X Factor judge is seeking damages of up to £100,000 from ex boyfriend MC Ultra who she claims leaked the sex tape of her performing fellatio on him and which Pappzd Magazine sensationally exposed to the world last Monday.

Tulisa revealed in her confession video that it was in fact her ex Justin Edwards aka MC Ultra in the video and now she wants damages for breach of confidence and privacy.

Legal papers were served to Justin Edwards’ mother’s house in north London, but MC Ultra had already done a runner, escaping to the West Country.

Considering MC Ultra doesn’t have a successful music career, we’re not quite sure where he will get that sort of money from, and no doubt Tulisa knows this. Obviously she’s out to destroy him, and who wouldn’t blame her?

But if there was ever a perfect moment to release a new single and make loads of extra cash from a scandal about you, now would be the time. Tulisa can attest that. Yes, sir, your honour.