As it’s Mother’s Day, we thought we’d take a look at some of the hottest British mums out there who have somehow managed to maintain their good looks and great bodies even after having kids. Here’s our list in no particular order.

1. Maya Jama’s Mum

Twins? Model Maya Jama and her mum

When model Maya Jama tweeted a picture of her mum, we had to do a double-take and make sure that it wasn’t her twin.

The 37-year-old MILF looks fantastic and after having three kids we wonder how she managed to maintain that figure. Perhaps Face4Music models should consider hiring her too.

2. Mel B

Mel B shows off her post-baby body

Without a doubt one of the most famous MILFs alive has to be former Spice Girl Mel B.

At 36 she looks hotter than ever, and we think she’s one of those people who gets hotter as they grow older. While she was pregnant with her third child in 2011, Mel B ballooned to an enormous size (we will forever have that photo of her pregnant in a leopard bikini embedded in our memories *shudders*) but managed to lose all that extra weight (more than two stones / 15 kilos) in just 20 weeks!

She needs to tell us her secret.

3. Jourdan Dunn


Jourdan Dunn is probably one of those mums that gets jealous death stares from other mothers at parent teacher evenings due to the fact that she is so damn gorgeous.

The mother-of-one has always expressed her unconditional love for her son, Riley, and considers herself a mother before anything, telling Huffington Post

I will always put Riley before anything else because I’m a mother first, everything else comes after.

4. Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson and her children

X Factor singer Rebecca Ferguson definitely doesn’t have your average motherly looks, and with her glamorous style she represents the term ‘yummy mummy’ to the fullest. She is evidently fond of children, seeing as she practically cradle snatched One Direction’s Zayn Malik last year.

5. Jamelia


32-year-old Brum singer Jamelia has been quiet on the music scene for a while now, but seems to be regularly drinking from the fountain of youth as she’s hardly aged since her 2003 hit single Superstar.

The-mother-of-two loves her daughters Teja and Tini so much that she even featured them in her promo pics last year, although if you didn’t tell us we would never have recognised her in the pic above. How cute.

And there you have it, a list of some of the nation’s hottest MILFs. We don’t know what the secret behind these ladies’ looks are (good genes or good surgeons?) but whatever they’re doing to maintain their youth, it sure seems to be working.

What do you think? Who would you blow off our list and who would you like to put up on it?