These days there is an abundance of groupies who not only go after multimillion pound rappers and atheletes, but even target Twitter celebs (yes you read correctly- Twitter celebs i.e. popular individuals on Twitter *sigh* what is the world coming to?) so it’s no surprise that west London rapper V Simmons (previously known as Starz) gained a lot of female attention after appearing in Jamal Edward’s Google Chrome advert last year.

According to our Pappzd source, Simmons is still bombarded with vagina by girls eager to get a little closer to the 24-year-old. Our source said:

I saw V Simmons at the Sickabit Showcase in Camden a few weeks ago and he had girls come up to him asking ‘are you that guy from the Google Chrome advert?’ in an attempt to flirt. I even witnessed him turn down a couple of females because he said he was concentrating on his music.

V Simmons has seen his rap career soar over the past few years, appearing on LinkUpTV’s Behind the Bars as well as a succesful SB.TV Warm Up Session and he currently has a new single out Home Town Hero.

If a 30 second appearance on a Google advert gets him this much groupie love, imagine what will happen when he really blows!