We all know Wiley likes to open up on Twitter and on Sunday he admitted that a number of artists (including himself) can fall victim to the pressures of the music industry and change the type of music they make in hopes of becoming more successful.

It’s no secret that grime artists in particular have sometimes felt the need to make pop songs or collaborate with people they normally wouldn’t (we’re still getting our heads around Ghetts working with Cher Lloyd) in order to make their way into the charts, but we didn’t expect Eskiboy to reveal that he regrets some of the songs he has made with Roll Deep.

He tweeted:



He even went on to say that he thought Ms Dynamite had changed her sound on the track Booo in order to make a name for herself.

The Evolve Or Be Extinct star concluded by saying that UK artists often imitate their US counterparts instead of sticking with the music they are used to making.

Although this point might be true in some cases, we don’t know about you but we loved The Avenue and Shake A Leg.