Rumour has it that Anuvahood actress and rapper Wretch 32 are dating. The pair were allegedly spotted getting cosy on two separate occasions, first at London’s K West Hotel and then at Wretch 32’s birthday bash last week – where they, according to our source, swapped saliva.

The source also told Pappzd:

Rapper Wretch 32 and actress Portia Freno are an item. They were kissing at his birthday party openly in front of everyone and had their hands all over each other. Portia was trying to play it cool but you can see she was just as into him.
They were also seen having drinks at the K west hotel several weeks ago… They sat openly together in the reception lobby drinking.

And judging from the photo above the two look very ‘friendly’. His lifestyle may be terribly wild, and you may never catch him on the Jeremy Kyle show- but you will certainly catch him and his business on Pappzd.